Frequently Asked Questions


We are a Premium Membership Club where subscribers gain access to amazing 1-for-1 offers and other privileges with our myriad of partners.

Exclusion days are days where your offers can’t be used and they commonly fall on Public Holidays. Below is a list of the Exclusion Days:

  1. New Year’s Day (1 Jan)
  2. Valentine’s Eve and Day (13 - 14 Feb)
  3. Chinese New Year (from CNY Eve to 15th day of CNY, subjected to partner’s discretion)
  4. Good Friday
  5. Easter Sunday
  6. Labour Day
  7. Mother’s Day
  8. Vesak Day
  9. Hari Raya Puasa
  10. Father’s Day
  11. National Day
  12. Hari Raya Haji
  13. F1 Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
  14. Deepavali
  15. Christmas Day
  16. All other eves of public holidays (after 5pm)
Any other public holidays as announced by the government.

We will be updating the list weekly to provide you with the best we can offer. Do take note that existing Partners may be removed at anytime due to reasons such as business constraints, permanent closures and intermittent upgrading processes.

Each member can redeem one deal for every two diners and up to four deals can be redeemed (by 4 different members) per table for up to a maximum of 8 diners. Children above 12 years old may be included towards the qualifying number of diners. Some Partners allow exceptions but we strongly recommend that you check with our Partner beforehand.

Definitely! Most of our Partners allow the use of Quokka on any day unless stated otherwise in the Terms & Conditions.


You can download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

We are working on that and will bring them to you very soon!

Yes, the Quokka Membership is automatically renewed every year and you will be billed just once a year. You may also cancel the auto renewal by following the steps here, but that means you will miss out on some pretty cool things.

You can cancel your membership's auto-renewal anytime by dropping us an email at

IMPORTANT: The Quokka Membership is strictly non-refundable, partial or otherwise, when you cancel your plan.

Unfortunately, it’s a no. Each member is given a set of four deals per Partner and deals redeemed at any point is permanently linked to your account and will not refresh, nor start over when you discontinue your membership or deactivate the auto-renewal and sign up again.

Nope, each member’s subscription last for 1 Year from the date of sign up (e.g. from 15 February 2019 to 14 February 2020).

Quokka members are entitled to full refund of paid membership fee within 3 months of sign up only if member has NOT redeemed any of the deals yet. Note: For Members that have signed up with a promo code, only the actual amount you have paid will be refunded.

Deal Redemption

You might be trying to access the Partner’s deals outside of their Operating Hours! Do check back again once they have opened and you will be able to use the deals now!

Yes! Most of our Partners allow a maximum of 4 deals can be redeemed per table by 4 different members - which means 8 of you are dining for the price of 4!
Note: Do read the Terms & Conditions for each deal to avoid any misunderstandings when you are redeeming the deal!

Absolutely! Remember to select the correct outlet that you are at!

We highly recommend that you inform the staff that you will be utilising the Quokka deals and find out which dishes are eligible before you place your order/make a reservation. The deal details of each deal will also indicate which dishes are excluded.


  1. Select the Membership Plan that you wish to sign up for.
  2. Before you complete your payment, tap on “Enter Promocode Here”
  3. Key in the Promocode and select “Confirm”.
  4. Check that the discount is reflected before you proceed with your subscription.

This may happen if we are unable to deduct your payment. You may email us at and we will be glad to help.